6th of April, 1896. James B. Connolly from the United States stands at the run of the Athens Stadium, getting ready for his Olympic triple jump. After taking the in-run and performing – in his style – two reflections from the right leg (the technique is not allowed today) outjumps his nearest rival by over a meter, setting the marker at 13.71m. James Connolly wins the first Olympic honor in modern history and the first Olympic silver medal that was awarded to the best at that time.

For medals in the full set of three podium places we know today, in traditional gold, silver, and bronze, athletes had to wait until the 1904 Olympic Games in St. Louis. The first Olympic glory for Poland came after recovering the independence. Twenty years after Athens Olympics Adam Królikiewicz brought a bronze medal in individual horse jumping competition from the Summer Olympic Games in Paris.

This his how the history of modern sports awards sets begins, but a lot has changed since Connolly and Królikiewicz. How much exactly? Let’s just say that for the 2020 Paralympics Games in Tokio about 5,000 medals were prepared. The materials came from the old electronic devices, donated by the citizens of Japan.

Modern times at Modern Forms

Thanks to our:

  • cutting-edge technologies – at Modern Forms we utilize our innovative, proprietary technology. 
  • pro-ecological materials and limiting CO2 footprint – at MF we focus on environment-friendly materials supplied by our domestic partners’
  • design techniques – our experienced advisory and design team are at your full disposal

we are able to produce truly unique trophies sets on a massive scale. We don’t stop at medals – MF provides you will a full range of statuettes, cups, personalized openers, keyrings, badges, and other gifts needed by every sports event organizer.

Benefits of our prize sets

  • Unprecedented and unlimited possibilities of creation. Just choose the products that are the best suit for your event or consult with our advisory team. Our talented designers will prepare a unique proposal just for you. We’ll make sure to capture the spirit of the event and draw attention to the interesting design.
  • A consistent set of awards tailored to your needs. Our statuettes, medals, and badges will be the hallmarks of your event. With our prizes you will remind the participants of a unique atmosphere and you will encourage them to take part in the next editions of the competition.
  • Quality made in Poland. When we design and produce our awards, we utilize innovative, proprietary technology to ensure highest quality of our product. We use eco-friendly materials from domestic suppliers, limiting our CO2 footprint. With MF you are guaranteed of the highest quality.
  • You save your time, you save your money. By ordering a full set of prizes for participants, sponsors, organizers or fans, you can count on a special offer. Ask our customer success team for the details.

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